Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Please press one for English...

Seriously? This prompt we have all heard more than once. Hell, even some people should have this prompt stamped on their fricken head. They might come home battered, but even a certified idiot will come around after multiple blunt trauma wounds to the forehead for a solid week.

My wife and I are currently shopping for "financial assistance" and I have heard this prompt more times than I can count. It baffles me in that, once a "non-English" speaking person get their instructions on the voice prompt from the automated system, they are transferred to live person who has no idea how to speak "non-English". Come to think of it, English has proven to be quite the challenge in recent years for this live person.

Quick case in point, although this is a nice gesture to attempt to accomidate everyone here in great US of A, it's a lost cause. By trying harder to include everyone, you will always leave someone out.

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