Friday, September 24, 2004

This is me. I'm kinda skinny, but I don't care. Life is too short to care about little things like that. Besides, I had my "drink" handy and I wasn't moving. This is what rafting is like in the Ozarks. Reminds me of fishing in a stagnant pond with more "drinks" than you really need. Oh well, I was having some fun.
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In the beginning...

My friend, Derek, suggested I create this site. I'm not sure why I did it. Is it perhaps a form of mind control? Somehow, I doubt it, if you know Derek at all. He suggested it to me more than once because I "have kids. And you never run out of things to type about when you have kids." He could have a point there. I have always wondered where I should put bizarre life experiences and personal takes on life.

So, here I am. If you have ever been to Derek's site, he has the ability place sound bytes and add his own spice on life with a successful career as a "multimedia DJ". That's my word, but you can use it. It means, for me, the fantastic ability to communicate by means other than just face to face. Although, don't underestimate his ability to communicate in this fashion. But he can get his point across much easier if you just let him type it or put it to music. His wife might disagree with me, and then maybe she won't. All in all, this site is all because of him and if it sucks, it's his fault. With that, I will close this post and make my site more attractive so some of you might actually enjoy being here. Thanks, Derek.