Wednesday, August 17, 2005

All I have, I give to them...

First, let me say, I am truly a manly man. Ego as big get the point. But these are my boys. Understand that you want them to stay young forever. I stay young at heart through them. But there comes a time when you feel this tightness in your chest. Is it pride? Is it fear? Regadless, it there now. Both of my boys went to school this morning. Full day. For the past 4 years, I have been home with the youngest one teaching him everything I could for this moment. You spend every waking minute preparing them with the tools to make the proper decisions and separate what is wrong and what is right. This is the experience that I am not allowed to personally supervise for the first time in his life. You want him to buck up and attack this new experience with a running start. Good job, son. Son?? Ok, you can stop running now and at least act like this is hard for you too?! *Sigh* That was my morning. Wondering if there such a thing as "over-prepared"? He ran into his classroom without us, found his seat and proceeded to converse with the teacher and color without so much as looking back tosee if we were still there. If nothing else, it was a sence of accomplishment. That makes me feel better about it, even if it is a bunch of fluff. Right?

My wife and I took up tennis for no other reason than both of us have never done it before and it was a level playing field. I excel a little at soccer and her screen block in basketball is near fatal. Currently, she has the upper hand on me. Once we started scoring and paying our boys to be our ballboys for a dollar each (genius, I know), she has beat me in more total sets, but our match count is close. I never thought I would ever play this sport, but it is addicting like any other skill sport. If you have a inkling of an idea of what you are supposed to do, it grows on you. To date, she has me with a total set count of 13-6 but the match count is actually only 2-1. Of course, she requested I post this so there is record of it. If she wasn't so cute about it, I'd delete and post real quick. But I am a man of my word. So, there it is.

SIDENOTE: Whoever is spamming comments on blogs, cut it out. It sucks. Whoever is visiting my thoughts without so much as a brief comment, give me a little idea of who is out there & what you think? Do you walk into someone's house whose door is open & look around without announcing your presence?? Don't do that. You can get hurt or arrested doin' that. :)

Take care, all.