Wednesday, October 20, 2004

This is Hotshot...Hotshot, say hi.

This is one of new horses
This is one of new horses,
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Since switching to a Mac, I had to figure out how to post these pictures I have and no one to share them with because I had no idea how to do it. Well, here ya go.

This the younger of the two guildings I get to work with. He is a specticle to behold. To give you a perspective on the size of this magnificent beast, the man next to him is my boss, Geoff. Geoff, say hi. Good boss. He is not a small man by no stretch of the imagination. He is 6'4". Get the picture. Well, now you do. A horse is measured in stacked hands from front toe to shoulder crest. A hand is approximately 4-5 inches depending on how wide your hands are. Hotshot is a solid 17 hands high. Quiz on Friday. Class dismissed.

This blog will be nothing but pictures if I have anything to say about it to accomidate my ramblings now. I feel my words can only say a fraction of what a picture can do. I mean, look at this horse and understand why I am always talkin about him? Not everyone is a horse person. I understand this. With that in mind, this the best way for me to have you experience my blog a little more. I am proud of them. Well, I have to get to my chores. Enjoy...