Thursday, March 24, 2005

Parenting: Learning as you go...

Youngest children are something of their own. Every problem as a variety of solutions that present themselves. As a soccer coach, spring is busy. That's grossly understated, but you get the point. Most every parent has the nightmare of getting our children to their proper destinations. You figure, if you only miss a couple of these "events" due to scheduling snafoos, your doing pretty good. Right? If only there were more than two parents in a household? Right? Well, we fixed it. It might sound crazy, but it hasn't been so far. My wife talked me into taking in my 22 year old sister and having her come live with us. It took a little convincing, but I folded and agreed because the scheduling was getting ready to be hell.

Thus far, no snags. She has been really pleasant to deal with, the house stays clean, the kids are happy and best of all she is cheaper than strangers watching my boys. The second bird with this stone connects to my previous blog. She is the youngest child in our family. Now, normally, us oldest children are trying to leave the youngest in the dust merely because we can. This situation is truely unique in that she and I do get along and communicate better now than we ever have. She understands my situation with my youngest and is willing to help him along without making me out to sound like the big bastard brother I was when I was growing up. Sweet deal, right?

I just hope she doesn't go Jeykle & Hyde on me and we'll be just fine. :)