Thursday, November 04, 2004

If you were four yours old...

Track Meet-Sean &Bec
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This is what you would see in my house. Straight up my nose. All the time. No wonder my youngest thinks I'm losing my mind. He can see straight up there!

My wife and I thought it would be funny to cut Isaac lose on the camera while we were watching Mitchell in a local track meet. Not bad for a midget.

I'm a bad loser. The next four years will torture ALL of us, regardless of your party affiliation. I was told by a friend at work that just because Bush, Jr. is a bad public speaker, don't make him a bad president. Um, yeah it does. The man is representing me as an American like a frickin' retard on Looney Tunes. I had it a couple months into the previous term. How can over half the United States be so ignorant? I mean, was Kerry really that bad of an alternative? And this electoral college crap has to be modified or revised to make me think that "my vote really does count". BS. I live in Kansas where only 2 counties in the entire state are Democrat. How does my democratic vote help anything here? It doesn't. So sad. All these so-called republicans have no idea what they have just done. Time will tell them and their pocketbooks real soon. Hey, don't look at me. You all put 'em there. You deal with him.

Mine is coming for Thanksgiving. Since none of them even know I have this site, I can tap this one pretty hard. -Hell, no one but me reads this.- Wonder if anyone who invites themselves over ever truly appreciates the fact that a host, on average, will spend between a small fortune and a full heard of livestock on getting ready for said company. I made a list of everything I will need just to "get by". This is going to hit the bank harder than I imagined. Do they know it? No. Do I dare tell them? No. Why? Because I just recently got over the guilt trip my mother gave me for pelting her house with over-ripe plums straight from the tree. That was approxiamately 23 years ago. That is exactly the reason why I shut the face when these things "happen". I can feel like I am paying her back for all the paint she had to slap on the house after the "plum bombing". It was her fault for plantiing that tree so close to the house. Right? She was asking for it. Silly woman. She cut it down the very next year.

I have more. MUCH more, but it is getting later in my head than it really is because my wife is in San Fran on business (yeah, right) and I had to balance EVERYTHING without any help. It's amazing how you realize how much someone does when they are absent.