Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Leary Approach

Short but sweet. What I like to call "Leary" style blogging. Denis Leary and his ability to be firm, loud and straight to the point is genius. More people should endulge in this style of communication so we would all have more time to do something else.

Macs kick major butt. Normaly, I would say to junk all PCs. But then Macs wouldn't kick so much butt. So, America, keep all your PCs so us Mac users can keep the good life.

New horses arrived from Iowa tonight. First work with them tomorrow. Should be interesting. Let you know.

Soccer was canceled today b/c it stormed. What's that all about? My coach made me practice in it. Just b/c they're 8 and 9 years old. SUCK IT UP. Geez...

I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. We are used to failing sports franchises around here, so what's the big deal? The big deal is life is much nicer in this town if the hometown team wins. We just won our first game of the season and the whole town is acting the Big One just landed in our lap. More on that later...

ADVICE: Life is good as long as you don't fluff the covers.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It aint broke, so don't replace it...

GOT to be kiddin me. While waitin for my Mac to arrive, which should be tomorrow, I decided to beat up on my PC to try and remove the adware I had acquired. With the help of several well written websites and no help from any free spyware program, I removed the fricken thing myself. *sigh* Oh well. I'll have two computers. Worse things have happened. Any suggestions as to what one could do with a unused, functioning and up-to-date computer?

Four is an interesting age. They know most everything at that age. They want no help what-so-ever doing anything. They want to make their own breakfast with too much cereal, too much milk, and nothing short of a snow shovel to eat it all with. Just to be "full" two bites later. Are you fricken kiddin me? I haven't made any meal for myself since the first one was born. Why? It's a proven fact that one parent can survive off everything your children wastes in the first six years of their lives. After that though, you might starve. My eight year old eats out of a trough. Not sure what happens at that age, but it does and it means business. Problem now is getting them to eat what I fix them.

I love my wife. Let me get that out there first. But she is not a morning person. WOW. I wake up and I am ready to get to work, where ever that my be. She, on the other hand, or on the other side of the bed might be, refuses to get up until she ABSOLUTELY has to. This is usually about 8 minutes before she must leave the garage to get to work 5 minutes before she has to be there. The point: I tried to wake her up before she was ready to rise this morning, just for giggles, and got beat up for it. For someone who is as sweet as honey during a weekend, she can really turn it around and clobber you if you try to make her up before she is ready. OUCH. As I sit here and lick my lip in pain, I now realize our marriage is best kept trouble free if all communication happens mid-afternoon.