Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Siblings: Are they really necessary?

I have more half-bloods and step-bloods than most people. My mother was a bit...well...friendly. I'm an equal oppurtunity offender. My father was overly-friendly also. There. Happy?

My half-sister moved into my house in March. She left yesterday. Check the date. Almost five months. Surprised I lasted that long. She and I have different veiws, to say the least. She had a melt down. I had an apiphany. 24 hours is long enough to make arrangements, right? Regardless, I didn't care. This problem had to be removed from office. When a man no longer feels safe from personal attacks in his own home, he has two options. Kick her to the curb or leave. Um, it's my house. Well, bye.

She lives with my soon-to-hate-my-guts half-brother (hyphens are cool). He might last a week or two and then, I will only safely be down to one step-sibling. Because she is going to drive him up a wall until he snaps and kills her, Then my mother, being the loving person that she is, will kill him in return for "pickin' on her daughter". Effective solution if you ask me.

And I have the most wondeful wife in the world because she told me to type it or else. So it's typed and now you know...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Back in 1865...

This is what I would look like. It has been a while. But in my defense, it's alot of work going back and forth in time. Now that the weather has warmed up, these clothes must be peeled off at the end of each day and posting is not exactly high on the list. I hope to be able to keep up on this a little more now that my schedule is fixin' to get slimmer. More to come...SWEAR.