Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have officially lost my mind. Every man's dream is to be released of all of life's tedious tasks and be allowed to play video games all day. When the weather gets chilly here, I get to do exactly that. After a day or two, it get old. "Soak it up" you say. Your mind starts to wander. You look lost. Bewildered, if you will. Exhibit A...

Sad, yes, I know. But what do you do to fix such a train wreck? 2 straight days of video games will do this. This is the reason why their are now documented cases of people actually seizing over dead after just 17 days of this joy. Did he die happy? No, he didn't. After just 2 days, I can say he was a bitter man. Wow. Word of advice, take a break every hour on the hour to keep your sanity. Even then, go find something else to do for a minute or ten. That's just me, though.

Currently, my horses and I have been separated because of politics. They are TECHNICALLY owned by the city. The full time livestock "tool" has control issues and it seems I am a bonofied threat to his job. I mean, some people pay money to have a patron deliver praise about the job you are doing right in front of your boss. It gave me nothing but cut hours and personal insults to boot. *sigh* Don't get me wrong, I get in to see the horses after hours, but it's not the same. It's not a working relationship at that point. That's what I miss. The compliment was nice, but the timing was off. So this is my way of telling that lady she should have kept her trap shut. I miss my job. I asked the site manager if I was fired since I have no hours to speak of any more, and he looked almost offended. The boss is always the last to know these things. We sat down for an entire morning and I let him know how I felt. He proceeded to praise me for the wonderful job I do with the animals. Still, no hours. *sigh* SOCOM 3 Online, anyone?

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Derek Knight said...

wow...sorry to hear about the hours being cut.

Lookin' pretty sharp in the photo there, sport.